Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In dreams

There is a place where I dream, and in those dreams I would stay home and read and fill my mind with creativity and ideas to be shared. The outdoor would beckon me and I would go outside and work in my garden. My garden would be full of glorious flowers and vines and herbs that would fill the air with sweet and spicy. I would paint and create all that came to mind and the life of my creative expression would find itself pouring out all over the canvas giving sight to glory and love and compassions... I would pick wild flowers and spread seeds in every lonely glade... and I would be an inventor. I would write children's stories and illustrate them.

I would visit with friends (who, did i mention, all live close by) and I would bring them baskets of flowers and gifts that expressed them. I'd hang an old cracked window from tree limb in the garden, and I would have a welding shop...

Of course, at the end of the day I'd be pretty tuckered out. So I'd go into my cottage, because of course i live in a cottage, run a bath, and put myself to bed being content in the day. Being tuckered out from the fullness of who you are is the best kind there is.

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Lauren said...

Beautiful thoughts Caro...I love you!