Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Quotes

"Math teachers are dumb - they don' t know greek."

Little Women
-- Mrs. March, talking to Meg and Jo

"I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good.To be admired, loved, and respected. To have a happy youth, to be well and wisely married, and to lead useful, pleasant lives, with as little care and sorrow to try them as God sees fit to send.To be loved and chosen by a good man is the best and sweetest thing which can happen to a woman, and I sincerely hope my girls may know this beautiful experience. It is natural to think of it, Meg, right to hope and wait for it, and wise to prepare for it, so that when the happy time comes, you may feel ready for the duties and worthy of the joy. My dear girls, I am ambitious for you, but not to have you make a dash in the world, marry rich men merely because they are rich, or have splendid houses, which are not homes because love is wanting. Money is a needful and precious thing, and when well used, a noble thing, but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for. I'd rather see you poor men's wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queens on thrones, without self-respect and peace... Better be happy old maids than unhappy wives, or unmaidenly girls, running about to find husbands," said Mrs. March decidedly. "Don't be troubled, Meg, poverty seldom daunts a sincere lover. Some of the best and most honored women I know were poor girls, but so love-worthy that they were not allowed to be old maids. Leave these things to time. Make this home happy, so that you may be fit for homes of your own, if they are offered you, and contented here if they are not. One thing remember, my girls. Mother is always ready to be your confidante, Father to be your friend, and both of hope and trust that our daughters, whether married or single, will be the pride and comfort of out lives."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm 24 years old (ok. that's a lie. i've had a birthday since i first wrote this) and I'm in this odd post-college i'm-not-really-sure-what-i'm-going-to-do-with-my-life, but now-i'm-married-and-supposedly-grown-up stage of things. Some of us are not sure I'll ever know, but i think i'll be ok.

My older brother is a general contractor. He knew he wanted to be one since he was 12. He knew he wanted to go to McCann for CAD. He did. He knew he wanted to go to Virgina Tech. He did. Now he has his own company in Great Falls, VA. Good Job daniel.

My little sister will have her LPN in nursing upon graduating HIGH SCHOOL. Yes. High School (that's in May by the way). Good job jesse bug.

My husband just finished his undergrad at CIU in Biblical Languages and has every intention of getting a DOCTORATE so that he can TEACH cool stuff like Old Testament Theology and Church History. He's really smart. Good job jeff. i'm proud of you.

I am a secretary. but not really ;)

~)0 Caroline

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I guess I don't blog much b/c i think everything i write has to be awesomely creative, witty, profound or poetic... It doesn't.

Tomorrow, I'm getting a puppy. Talk about poetry.

Rod is in Canada, floating around on his wind horse with the angels and taking in the rain and sky and beautiful Prince Edward Island. I'm happy for him. and I'm excited for the day when I get to take in Prince Edward Island.

Allison is gong to Disney in Rod's stead. I hope I get to hang out with her before she leaves. I can't wait to show her my new, yet-to-be-acquired, puppy.

Amy & Tracy have been great. I'm glad they're our friends.

I'm glad Rachel is back. She's my happy trailor friend. by 'happy trailor' i really mean 'trailor trash'. Just so you know. Whoever you are.

Amy (not aforementioned Amy, new amy) is back in the country. The girls have a play-date in Charleston, Laura even has plane tickets. Amy can't come. She'll be back in Korea I think. Or maybe Out West. but I'll get to hang out with her before then. I'm excited about that. but I'm a little worried that we dont' have a plan yet.

I found a next-to-free record player today. From the MRD. Just in time -- Jeff ALMOST got rid of his records. He said he'd never buy a record player. He just doesn't listen to music that much anymore. That's OK. he doesn't have to. I will for him. ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In dreams

There is a place where I dream, and in those dreams I would stay home and read and fill my mind with creativity and ideas to be shared. The outdoor would beckon me and I would go outside and work in my garden. My garden would be full of glorious flowers and vines and herbs that would fill the air with sweet and spicy. I would paint and create all that came to mind and the life of my creative expression would find itself pouring out all over the canvas giving sight to glory and love and compassions... I would pick wild flowers and spread seeds in every lonely glade... and I would be an inventor. I would write children's stories and illustrate them.

I would visit with friends (who, did i mention, all live close by) and I would bring them baskets of flowers and gifts that expressed them. I'd hang an old cracked window from tree limb in the garden, and I would have a welding shop...

Of course, at the end of the day I'd be pretty tuckered out. So I'd go into my cottage, because of course i live in a cottage, run a bath, and put myself to bed being content in the day. Being tuckered out from the fullness of who you are is the best kind there is.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've done a lot of noticing lately. I've noticed, quite suddenly in fact, that the world around me in which I go about my daily life has completely changed since I was first introduced to it, and especially since it was 'my world'.

University life is interesting in that way. When I was as student on this campus, it was 'my world', but now it's someone elses. I have made new friends here and I am grateful for those friends, but all in all, this is an entirely different universe, with only some small remaining essences of the stars that were once here. life here has been 100% recycled.

so where's my world, now? At home mostly, in the love that I have found, and am making and creating every day. The other part, however, the irriplacable and uncanny pieces that my heart daily yearns for, those parts are in Hartsville, Atlanta, South Korea, New York...

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Today I am grateful
I think it's a good way to start my blog.