Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I guess I don't blog much b/c i think everything i write has to be awesomely creative, witty, profound or poetic... It doesn't.

Tomorrow, I'm getting a puppy. Talk about poetry.

Rod is in Canada, floating around on his wind horse with the angels and taking in the rain and sky and beautiful Prince Edward Island. I'm happy for him. and I'm excited for the day when I get to take in Prince Edward Island.

Allison is gong to Disney in Rod's stead. I hope I get to hang out with her before she leaves. I can't wait to show her my new, yet-to-be-acquired, puppy.

Amy & Tracy have been great. I'm glad they're our friends.

I'm glad Rachel is back. She's my happy trailor friend. by 'happy trailor' i really mean 'trailor trash'. Just so you know. Whoever you are.

Amy (not aforementioned Amy, new amy) is back in the country. The girls have a play-date in Charleston, Laura even has plane tickets. Amy can't come. She'll be back in Korea I think. Or maybe Out West. but I'll get to hang out with her before then. I'm excited about that. but I'm a little worried that we dont' have a plan yet.

I found a next-to-free record player today. From the MRD. Just in time -- Jeff ALMOST got rid of his records. He said he'd never buy a record player. He just doesn't listen to music that much anymore. That's OK. he doesn't have to. I will for him. ;)

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Laura said...

Yay for a post!

Yay for charleston trip and plane tickets!

Yay for blessings of friends!